The Clarabridge Marketing Team recently sat down with Sid Banerjee, Founder and Vice Chairman of Clarabridge and asked him to answer 5 questions on the state of the social media management industry. Here’s his take:

1.What do you believe are the key ingredients for a brand to engage successfully with their customers on social media?

Listen everywhere—don’t depend on a single channel, or a narrow slice of the internet. Engage often—use technology to understand a sincere interest in engagement, and engage. But also take the time to process all interactions, suggestions, ideas, market trends, competitive insights, and build an always-on view of your customers by tracking, trending, alerting, and acting on insights even for those customers you don’t engage with.

2. As an industry insider what are you most excited about concerning innovation in the field?

I’m very excited by the application of deep learning and AI technologies to understand not just what people are saying on the internet, but to understand how questions get answered. How problems are solved. How best to react and respond to threats and challenges. These learning technologies are making increasingly possible to not just find and engage with customers via social media, but to predict how best to respond, and to optimize the timing, and content of responses to ensure your customers feel listened to, and responded to. In time I expect more and more conversations via social media will be man (or woman) to machine, and if the machines are smart, empathetic, and responsive, they will create efficiencies and better engagement outcomes for more organizations who use them.

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